Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

The weight loss journey can be a particularly frustrating one especially if you are not seeing enough positive results. Things get especially hard when it comes to making huge dietary changes which often involve sacrificing the things you love most. Relapsing and backsliding is common when it comes to dieting because as much as you want to shed a few pounds, giving up your guilty pleasures is quite an uphill task.

Mind over Matter

The art of hypnosis for weight loss predates all the modern weight loss techniques for the simple reason that it is the most effective. This is because much of the process of losing weight requires powerful mental focus and dedication. This is easier said than done because sometimes it is impossible to deny the body what it wants.

Skepticism has always surrounded this topic as people found it hard that your physical weight is somehow linked to your psychology. To some extent, that is true. However, what many do not put into consideration is the fact that the main reason people find it difficult to shed weight is simply because of their mental dispositions towards eating healthy.

Some of the reasons why it can be impossible to shed weight include the following:

· Comfort Eating

Some people use food as a coping mechanism to help them handle strong emotions. Most of us either are or have been comfort eaters at one point in our lives. Stress from work or family, loneliness, sadness and even nervousness can trigger bad eating habits. If you find yourself seeking solace in something sweet or tasty to cover up another feeling, chances are you are a comfort eater.

· Mindless Eating

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you ever questioned your eating habits? For most of us, the answer is almost never. Mindless eating entails an uncontrollable (almost sub-conscious) knack for eating something all the time. Your body registers the action—perhaps even enjoys the treat—but your mind has developed a mental block that prevents you from objectively seeing what you are doing. This kind of behavior makes dieting pointless because you rarely take into account the food you consume between meals.

· Denying yourself some foods

There is a lot of truth in the old adage that says “you never miss the water till the well runs dry”. The reason why dieting is so hard is because once you tell your body that some foods are banned for consumption, the more it craves those particular foods. If you are literally fighting with your body to stay off those extra carbs and eat healthy, chances are you will explode into a binge eating frenzy before the first week is done. Hypnosis does not teach self-control—it instills it into your mind. As much as you will be able to avoid those prohibited foods from the confines of your house, once you step outside into a world of curbside food trucks and hot dog stands, your resolve might just crumble.

· Exercising is easier said than done

If a wave of lethargy washes over you every time the thought of exercise crosses your mind, what you are experiencing is one of the effects of a mental block. Procrastinating exercises, feeling too shy to exercise in public and being afraid to break out a little sweat are all indications that your weight loss problems are more mental than physical. Breaking these mental blocks is extremely hard because at some point, they become an inherent character trait that you learn to live with. Hypnotherapy, if nothing else, is exactly what you need to give yourself the right mindset to begin exercising.

How hypnosis helps:

Hypnotherapy focuses on tweaking your mental perspectives, thereby effectively altering your disposition towards losing weight. You might be yearning to lose those pounds but are constantly hindered by inherent factors such as a lack of dedication, procrastination or negative feelings that lead you to deem your efforts futile.

Every single one of those unhealthy eating habits can be overcome by hypnotherapy. Your hypnotherapist can guide you to break those mental blocks and unlock in you the urge to become what you visualize in your mind. Not only will you be more aware of what you eat, your resolve to stay away from the foods you are not supposed to eat will be concrete.

Commonly asked questions about hypnosis for weight loss

Q: Will I be hypnotized into a trance?

A: Everything the movies tell you about hypnosis is slightly exaggerated or just plain inaccurate. During hypnosis, you will not be subjected to a trance of any sort, commanded to do anything, forced to speak without your knowledge or have memories implanted or erased. However, your hypnotherapist will help you relax and clear your mind in order for them to access the unconscious mind without losing your conscious side.

Q: What actually goes on in a session?

A: Once your hypnotherapist successfully manages to guide you to relax deeply, they will then be able to probe into your subconscious mind in order to get rid of any inherent mental blocks. Using the power of gentle suggestion and visualizations, the hypnotherapist will then try to instill positive thoughts and a sense of control to allow you to be in charge of your dieting regimes.

Q: I don’t want to have suggestions forcibly implanted in my subconscious; can I resist them?

A: As mentioned, being in a relaxed state of mind does not automatically translate to being in a trance whereby you have no control over yourself. If an idea or suggestion does not sit right with you, you have all the power to reject it. Your hypnotherapist offers guidance—they do not force impressions.

Q: Does hypnosis for weight loss really work?

A: By changing your perspectives, removing the mental blocks that impede progress and generally altering how you feel about losing weight, hypnotherapy can be 100% effective in spurring a significant amount of weight loss when combined with proper dieting and exercise. Results may vary from person to person but in general, one may experience a greater drive to lose weight which makes things a lot easier.

While there isn’t a specific list of guidelines to adhere to when it comes to hypnosis for weight loss, visualizing where you want to be can empower you and be the constant source of motivation you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Hypnosis for weight loss is therefore not just hype or a way for uncouth therapists to make that extra coin. It just as well might be the tipping point you need to start seeing some serious progress.

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