How to Make Eyes Bigger Using Makeup

How to Make Eyes Bigger Using Makeup

Not everyone is blessed with the kind of big bright attention-grabbing eyes. Thanks to makeup however, you can easily create the impression that your eyes are bigger than they actually are. How do you go about this? Just follow the simple steps below to learn how to make eyes bigger.


Step 1: Shape your Eyebrows

The first thing you will need to do is to frame your eyes as perfectly as possible. Giving your eyebrows a more defined yet natural appearance creates the impression that your eyes are larger than they actually are. Keep it simple but keep those lines crisp

Step 2: Give it some dimension

Use only matte makeup to give your crease a bit of dimension. Depending on your natural complexion, you can use color that is a tone darker than your skin color or even go for a softer rosy shade to create shadows which will make your eyes appear bigger.

Step 3: Throw in a bit of shimmer

When learning how to make eyes bigger, you should understand that the first impression they make is what matters. Throw some shine into the look by adding shimmer at the corner of your eyes. This directs more light to the eyes, making them more noticeable.

Step 4: Use neutral colors

Using dark colors on the lid will make your eye sockets look deeper while using bright colors make your eyes appear to be popping out. As much as you should keep the colors neutral, giving the lid a slightly lighter shade embellishes the size of the eye.

Step 5: The inner rim of the lower eyelid should be lined using a flesh-toned eye pencil

In doing so, you will be creating the impression that the whites of your eyes are wider than they actually are. White eye liners can also be used to pull off the illusion although flesh-toned colors will ultimately look more natural.

Step 6: Ditch the liner and put some mascara on the lower eyelashes

Eyeliner makes the eyes smaller so you might want to avoid using it when learning how to make your eyes look bigger. Instead, use some mascara to make the lower eye pop without being too embellished.

Step 7: Curl your eyelashes

Giving an upward curl to your lashes is the best way to embellish your eyes and give them a more girly frame. If you are aiming for bigger, Disney-princess eyes, this is a very necessary step.

Step 8: Now add Mascara

Thicken the curled lashes with some mascara to give the top lashes a more defined appearance. Again, this is a step you cannot afford to miss.

Step 9: Opt for false lashes

If your eyelashes are not big enough, you can always use fake eyelashes to bring out your eyes. Whether you have a naturally hooded eyes or a large brow, fake eyelashes can easily create the illusion of larger eyes. Keep things relatively subtle as going overboard with the eyelashes can result in a fake look.

Keep the shadows light in order to attract more light to the eyes. Darker colors make the eyes look smaller especially when you also use heavy eyeliner to create your outlines. Use eye drops to get rid of redness from allergies and make the eyes look whiter.

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