Cat wagging tail meaning

There are many way to tell in the way your cat communicates. Cats are different in the way they operate and tolerate or respond to issues. However there are several things that cut down to every cat and it’s easy to know and tell what they signify. Unlike the dogs, when a cat wag its tails does not necessarily mean they are happy to see you or are in a play mode. There is so much communication in the different wagging traits. We can split the wagging in to six different modes and communication skills that your cat may be trying to communicate with you and its important to take a note.

The fluffy, arched tail

Whenever a cat feels that there is danger or when it’s confronted by another animal that to it, it seems dangerous, you will commonly witness a fluffed up tail. This happens mostly in defense. Your cats want to feel dangerous as well and scare off the enemy. The fluffed tail is a way to respond to threat and it’s therefore accompanied with an arched tail. By doing this your cat feels bigger and ready to face the challenge.

The swish

This is when you cat is in a more playful mode. It’s an indication that it wants to pounce on you to get you involved in the game. If your cat is the ambushing type then it tells you it’s time to throw down a toy and get in the game mode as well. Other cats when they swish their tails will start knocking on your ankles to drag your attention to their system.

The Wrapped tail

Whenever you see your cat wrap its tail around your arm, neck, or leg it’s basically to show love. The cats feel affection to it’s owner by doing this. However the most commonly used is the head butting. Your cat feels love and it gets the need to show it out to you and the best way they know how to do this is by getting closer to where you are and get their tail wrapped around you and feel the warmth of your love as well. You are the owner.

The vertical tail and tail Quiver

This is another indication that your cat knows you. Whenever you cat sees you and it wags its tail vertically or you see a tail quiver, it’s a sign of happiness. Your cat feels happy to see you and its proud that you are around. The cat feels contented in your company.

The twitch

Start making observations at your cat whenever its out gazing. Most likely you will notice the slight twitching of the tail at the end. This is an indication that your cat is concentrating or interested in whatever its doing.

The tail flick

This is the straight out and back tail. It’s easy to confuse this wag with a quiver or a swish. However if you are a good observer of your pet you will realize that the feline holds it tail low flicking it back and forth. This is an indication of unhappiness or displeasure.

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