5 Foods You Did Not Know Could Kill Your Dog

5 Foods You Did Not Know Could Kill Your Dog

Everyone knows how chocolate is bad for our canine friends although some of us still insist on feeding it to them every once in a while. Most of us even sneak them a few spoonfuls of guacamole occasionally despite knowing that avocado contains toxins that could cause fatal results when ingested by dogs. However, the list of foods that could be potentially lethal to your canine best friend is a lot bigger than you thought.

That said, here is a list of five foods you did not know could cause serious problems for your canine best friend.

1. Macadamia Nuts

The fact that science cannot exactly pinpoint the reason why these nuts are toxic to a dog makes them all the more dangerous to your dog since there is no way to treat the negative effects. What is known is that when ingested by dogs, macadamia nuts cause weakness and affect their ability to walk.

The inherent toxins specifically target the hind legs of the animals and cause weakness for an unpredictable amount of time. To stay on the safe side, avoid feeding your dog anything with nuts unless you are completely certain the type of nuts they are.

2. Candy

We are all guilty of tossing a piece of gum or candy our dog’s way once in a while, not knowing the potential risk we were putting them in. Candy, especially of the sugarless variety, contains an artificial sweetener called Xylitol.

Candy is one of the foods harmful to dogs that no one really pays attention to. In addition to drastically lowering the blood sugar levels in dogs, Xylitol can cause permanent liver damage to your pets.

3. Alcohol

In case you were curious to see what would happen if you gave your dog a bit of “happy juice”, don’t—the results could be devastating. Any form of alcohol will immediately cause seizures to your dog and could result in death. There really are no ifs, ands or maybes in this scenario so keep alcoholic drinks and foods (especially the doubly lethal rum chocolate bars) away from your beloved pets.

4. Apple Cores

Cleaning up your trash might save you a lot of unwanted grief and bills from the vet. Never leave your eaten apple or apple core where your dog can find it. Apple seeds contain amounts of cyanide that, although too small to have any impact on humans when ingested, can be lethal to dogs. The toxic substance can throw your dog into a fit of seizures and cause bouts of hyperventilation and ultimately may lead to comas and death.

5. Grapes and Raisins

Similar to macadamia nuts, these are another example of foods harmful to dogs for no apparent reason. All that is known is that when your dog ingests either of these, he/she may experience symptoms such as vomiting and dehydration. What makes grapes and raisins lethal, however, is that they are known to cause kidney failure in dogs and could even result in death less than a week after consumption.

There are a lot of healthy and tasty options when it comes to food and treats for your dog. Foods harmful to dogs are often the ones us humans find delicious. Just because dog food and treats don’t look or taste good enough for humans doesn’t make them any less mouthwatering to dogs. Get a personalized list of foods you shouldn’t feed your dog from your vet in order to avoid accidentally harming your pet.

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