10 Tips to Get Long Hair

10 Tips to Get Long Hair


we can’t all be Rapunzel look-alikes, everyone should at least get the chance
to boast of hair that goes slightly below the shoulders. However, hair has a
knack of growing at its own pace or worse, falling out when least expected.
These 10 tips will walk you through the golden secrets of hair care and how to
ensure that your hair is getting the right treatment in order to speed up hair

this braided updo is messy, but also elegant. artfully messy maybe? boho chic? what do you think?

Tip #1 – Trimming
your hair more frequently has a counter intuitive effect on its growth. Split
ends are basically the enemy of hair growth and so the more often you get rid
of them, the more constantly your hair grows. Besides, your hair will always be
looking glossy, neat and gain a superb volume.


Tip #2 – Skip
the shampoo every once in a while. The recommended number of times you should
shampoo your hair is three to four times a week. Shampoo is essential for
keeping dandruff at bay, no doubt, but sometimes your hair requires its natural
oils to heal any breakage and also to retain moisture.


Tip #3 – Don’t
skimp on the vitamins. Your diet plays a big role in the rate of growth of your
hair. If you find that your vitamin intake is a bit on the low side,
supplements are not a bad idea if you are really serious about growing your
hair fast. Biotin and vitamins B and C are all vital for healthy hair.


Tip #4 – Run
some cool water through your hair after a hot shower. It is widely known that
cold water is important as it helps to seal your hair cuticles to prevent
damage when combing or styling.


Tip #5 – Wrap
up your hair in something silky when you go to bed. Alternatively, you can
switch out your pillow cases with something silky as the smooth material does
not easily induce friction, which leads to breakage and annoying tangling of
the locks.


Tip #6 – Go
easy on the styling tools, especially those that involve heat. Strong heat is
probably the number one cause for damaged hair so you might want to take the
necessary precautions (such as using heat protectants) when using your tools.


Tip #7 – Regular
cleansing of the scalp makes your hair grow healthier and faster. Once in a
while, you should treat your scalp by massaging essential oils into it and
cleaning it with healthy, natural substances. Think of it as giving your hair a
good basis to grow better.


Tip #8
– Sleep more and avoid stress. Growth hormones are usually released when
one is at rest. In addition to this, ensure that you employ good stress
managing skills because stress directly affects the growth and general health
of your hair.


Tip #9 – Some
natural ingredients that can help you optimize the growth of your hair includes
fenugreek, bananas, Aloe Vera, eggs, flax seed and goose berry. These homemade
solutions are crushed or mashed into a paste which is then applied directly
onto the scalp.


Tip #10 – Last
but not least, eat well and make use of your hair’s natural oils. Maintain a
regular balanced diet and squeeze in the occasional scalp massage to spread
your hair’s natural oils, which help to lock in moisture.

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